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Monday, May 22, 2006

Top Five Reasons to Move to Calgary

1. Mountains
2. Cowboys*
3. the low, low tax of 7%
4. Jocelyn, Jill and Ais
5. serious city spirit (Stampede, Flames etc.)

*actual people-- not to be confused with the notorious "saloon"

(pics from a recent day trip to Johnston canyon... Reason #6 so many day trips so close!)

Monday, May 15, 2006

Halifax in Calgary

Hello from Calgary!!
It's been busy with work since I arrived but I wanted to do a quick blog and share how much fun it was to reunite with Halifax friends in Calgary!!
Joc, Tim and Geoff exploring downtown (Calgary tower in the back), Joc, me, Geoff and Mark at Joc's apartment.

*A word about the bachelor's: I'll announce number five upon my return to Halifax (early August) . I apologize for the delay. Perhaps you should stay tuned for my "Top Five in Calgary"... I definitely have met some contenders!!