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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I read this yesterday... love it!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Tales from the Optometrist's Chair

So... I had an eye appointment today. And the optometrist was a little too friendly. He was curious about my job, then again a lot of people are... but he called me "Kell" twice.

And I'm an excellent candidate for laser eye surgery he says.
Hmmm... lasers... my eyes... I don't think so.

The good news is my rods and cones are all in order.

Time for some new specs!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

My Oscar Top Five of 2008

1. My man Daniel Day Lewis winning for best actor; he'll always be Hawkeye to me...

2. Best dressed: Helen Mirren and Cate Blanchett love the purple!

3. I wanted to be Kristin Chenoweth in her big song number from Enchanted! Singing and looking fabulous and getting carried around...

4. Although I think Juno got robbed for best picture (and truth be told haven't seen No Country for Old Men) what a heartfelt speech from Diablo Cody!

5. And... my new favourite song "Falling Slowly" from Once! I'm obsessed. And props to host Jon Stewart for making the time to let Marketa Irglova give her thanks on the Oscar stage!

I really noticed this night the contrast between the writers, directors and actors-- how do they all work together to do what they do? And when they do it and get it right- yeah, let's honor that!!