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Friday, February 24, 2006

Reasons Why I Love the West Wing

One of my indulgences is renting the West Wing on DVD. I love it! It all began three years ago in campus lockdown... ah, but that's another story!
"... a more efficient delivery system for gossip and pornography" Leo's response in undervaluing the technological advancement of the personal computer...
How I agree Leo.

So here it is my Top Five for this week!

Top Five Reasons
I Love Watching the West Wing:
1. They want to change the world.
2. It's soooo well written (so it falters a little after season four without Sorkin... it's still good stuff).
3. Stong female characters: CJ, Donna, the First Lady, Ainsley Hayes!
4. It makes me think.
5. I'd marry Josh Lyman.
(well... that fact that he's a fictional character aside;
I'd marry him if he loved Jesus like I love Jesus!)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

"Sunday Night is the New Saturday Night"

The other night a friend quipped "Sunday night is the new saturday night" as friends were planning a get together and Sunday was the only available option... and you know what? Lately it's true. My personal past four Sunday nights have far outweighed my Saturday nights in fun quotient, people get together and atomosphere.

Sun. Feb. 19: "Jack and Jill" shower for my dear friends Sarah and Jamin Barrett. It was my first co-ed baby shower and it was great!

Sun. Feb. 12: Snow storm in Halifax. Party with my small group cancelled for weather conditions (but hey, even that get together was planned for Sunday night). I get the phone call: "Want to come outside and play?" YES I DO! And out to play we went! Rodney and I met up with Emma at the Commons, where we met Sarah and Christine and Wyatt and Geoff and soon more car loads were to follow! We tobogganed down the Citadel Hill. I couldn't tell you the last time I tobogganed... A beautiful night with the new feet of snow, not too cold and to top it off hot chocolate at Carolyn's!

Sun. Feb. 5: I don't really remember that Sunday night... but oh, it must have been fun!

Sun. Jan. 29: Goodbye party for Jocelyn at Gareth's. Oh what a party! Great food, great place, great tribute to Joc, pics, props, prayer and a poem. And a whole lotta Feist! The after party was the most fun... dance dance dance!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Top Five Favourite People this Week:

In this Order
1. Brooke from Sunday school
2. Molly Johnston
3. Kendra Bernard
4. Steph Collins
5. Grandma Myles

Honorable Mention: Sarah Boyd

*pic of Nicole, Steph and Me

Sunday, February 12, 2006

My Life...

My name: Kelley

childhood ambition: to be Wonder Woman

fondest memory: too many; I'm thankful!

soundtrack: Bridget Jones's Diary 2 (not the sequel but the second CD from the first film)

retreat: hotel rooms around the world with my ladies (best yet: Sino Swiss)

wildest dream: to be a late night talk show host

proudest moment: end of the year party my last year in East Asia

biggest challenge: to be in but not of the world

alarm clock: cell phone

perfect day: Phi Phi island 2002; sleep in, sun, pineapple banana shakes, swimming, reading, new friends become close friends, out for dinner, laughing into the evening on the beach

first job: Junior Camp: Counselor, Camp Queen Elizabeth

indulgence: renting tv on DVD (e.g. West Wing, Alias, LOST)

last purchase: groceries

favorite movie: The Godfather Trilogy

inspiration: Jesus Christ

my life: not my life

my card: does not define me

Monday, February 06, 2006

The Three P's...

I love Halifax. I love Halifax but three things I hate about Halifax (that I've discovered since moving here) are as follows:
1. Pigeons
2. Panhandlers
3. Pedestrians

All three are numerous to the city and catch me by surprise!

Pigeons: filthy, "rats with wings", I'd never seen so many in so many different places since moving here. The seagulls I'd anticipated (but some of them are as big as cats!). And yes... I have a phobia of birds and no... I don't think it's irrational.

Panhandlers: people asking, begging, demanding money all around the city at major intersections with signs as well as outside of coffee shops, grocery stores, restaurants etc.

Pedestrians: You always hear how in the Maritimes you can extend your foot onto the road and traffic stops--- "it's wonderful!" people exclaim. Well, being a driver from Ontario I'm not used to the incessant yielding to pedestrians that is required. Start. Stop. Start. Stop.

I have to report though that so far in 2006 I have not had any run ins with either pigeons or panhandlers but tonight I came the closest to killing (okay maiming) a pedestrian since moving here:
I was at Bayers Lake driving from Wal-Mart (don't tell Cliff or Tyler) to Chapters/Starbucks and suddenly some fifteen year old boy was in front of my car and I slammed on the brakes... maybe I was changing CD's (Johnny Cash to I AM SAM), maybe it was a cross walk... but it definitely was dark, he was all in black and I breathed a huge sigh of relief as he was caught in the headlights. We shared a smile, I mouthed the so obligatory but somehow silly
"s o r r y". It hasn 't always ended this pleasantly. I wish I still had Ontario plates.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


It's the first "snow day" of the year! One of the things I like about living in Halifax is these days where the city is shut down... covered in a thick blanket of snow. I took some pictures through the window of cars burried in snow, the street full of snow, the trees heavy with snow. You can hardly make out the street!

I so enjoy snow days. Today was going to be a hectic day too. The other thing about snow days is that I actually have a lot of work I can do at home... so it's kind of a break and kind of not; a slow down day to catch up!

Top Five Favourite People This Week

1. Liane Khoury
2. Stephen Stow
3. April Rose Miguel
4. Josh Wong
5. Luke Miller

honorable mention: Kirsten Alm

There is a link here. Do you know why they are my top five this week?