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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Top Five People of the Week

Here they are...
1. Miriam Zee
2. Rebekah Zee
3. Marianna Rankin
4. Esther Lau
5. Cliff Pratt
Honorable mentions to...
Anna Jien, Deborah Wong,
Rod Alm and Sarah Barrett.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

"We measure our growth by making sure we don't repeat the same mistakes
over and over."
-Dr. Cox, Scrubs

I had a profound moment the other night watching "Scrubs"and let this quote sink in. I think I sometimes measure success by not making mistakes at all. Silly KelleyAnne.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Top Five People I'm Going to Miss...

(more than I realized)

Naturally moving away from Halifax I'm going to miss my friends and coworkers and what not. But I almost got emotional today at the doctor's office... which got me thinking about the people I'm going to miss more than I thought! The people "from my neighbourhood" if you will! (cue Sesame Street theme song...)

1. My doctor. She's so sweet and coptic orthodox. On my last visit she told me she's always happy to see me because it brightens her whole day! She was sad to hear I was moving because she said she would miss me. She gave me a hug to say goodbye and wished me well-- reminding me to call her if I ever needed anything!

2. My superintendant: Bob. He's great! He called me yesterday to finalize some things and greeted me with "Hey Sunshine!" and proceeded to call me "love" and "darlin'". I love these terms of endearment! And I love knowing he's just a phonecall away if there's trouble in the building and if so-- he's on it. And I don't have to re-paint my walls!

3. Joe Zee. There are a lot of people I'm going to miss from church and Joe (Rebekah, Miriam and Sarah's dad) is definitely one of them! Each week at church, without fail, he greets me with a huge hug. I actually joked in a Christmas card to the Zee family that I get more love on a Sunday morning from their family than from my own all year (as in physical affection, mom: if you're reading this- relax). And truthfully, I'm not much of a "hug" person... but man! I'm going to miss Joe's greetings at church.

4. My hairstylist: Mischaela (see pic). She is full of pep and style. I trust her with my hair and last time I visited simply stated: do whatever you think is best/needs to be done! Also, check her out this summer on a Canadian reality tv program to see if she's the last stylist standing (she couldn't tell me the results, she's sworn or um, I guess, contracted to secrecy, it airs this summer).

5. Melissa (the cardio dance instructor). Her energy, stamina and innovative cardio classes make it a joy to work out! I want to take her with me! I'm going to write her a note so she doesn't have to wonder why I've stopped coming out to class.
p.s. don't fret it won't be all melancholy and the infinite sadness, fun send-off pics (from fab party: thanks Stows!!) and new top five in the works!

Friday, May 18, 2007


I can still recall listening to "She's Leaving Home" by the Beatles, Echo packed to the max, while pulling out of my parents' drive way and embarking on the journey to Halifax, Nova Scotia: my new home. That was almost three years ago! Incidentally I hadn't exactly been living at "home" for ages, only about the past eight months (just back from Asia), but something about leaving the province and living by the ocean made it really seem like I was on the brink of something new; an adventure: full of unknowns and possibilities... like I was free.

One week today I make the journey back. I still haven't decided on the music that will play me out... but Halifax has totally become my home these past three years, making me a bit of a nomad again until I get settled in Kitchener-Waterloo come August.

I realize the last ten years I've lived in several different cities for chunks of time; four years in Guelph, two years in Asia, three years in Halifax. I wonder what the next ten will hold?

*stay tuned for a few melancholy and nostalgic posts as I pack up my life

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Top Five Reasons to Watch "The Hour"

1. "Mile a Minute." He doesn't just give you the news, he explains it a little!

2. "The Newsstand".

3. Eclectic guests.

4. He has his own "Top Five" lists!

5. After watching it consecutively... I start to think he is my boyfriend!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Rumour Has It...

Yesterday at "Aerobic Groove" my second favourite class at the Y, the instructor got talking about cheerleaders as we were working out to Huey Lewis (which was such fun! it'd been a while since I heard any Huey) which got me thinking about the rumours that people have spread about me in the past!

Top Five Rumours About Me:

1. I was a cheerleader in highschool. (false)

2. I got 100% on my first year Calculas exam (this is way false: I didn't even take Calculas... apparently I can't even spell Calculus!). It circulated not at my university but in my hometown with parents of friends from highschool and I don't know to this day who was trying to ruin me with such nonsense!

3. That I was dating this boy or that boy. The earliest from my memory was when I was in grade four and a boy in grade five kept telling everyone we were dating and that was news to me. (never gonna happen Scotty: false!)

4. That I was dating the lead singer of Coldplay my fourth year of university (okay... maybe I started that one... it started as a joke and I ran with it... and back then he was just "the lead singer" not a household name).

5. That I was arrested for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. (also, false... but perhaps more probable than any of the others in some respects...)

Monday, May 07, 2007

"Does He even love zombies?"

-blurted out by a boy in grade one during the kid's service at church where the leaders were emphasizing how God loves everyone... I couldn't help but crack up! I mean... of course he loves zombies.