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Friday, April 27, 2007

I love these guys and I miss 'em already...

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Cute Meet

Is it me or are too many people falling in love and getting engaged these days? I'm counting four in the last three weeks... maybe there's more! So a tribute to meeting that special someone. My favourite "cute meet" in a movie:
Meet Joe Black, the "coffee shop scene".


A thriving eatery diagonally across from the hospital'sentrance, customers cheek-by-jowl as a pair of waitersjuggle breakfasts served to a noisy throng of doctors,residents and interns.Susan has squeezed into a seat in the corner. A counterman,with a smile and a greeting, places a cup of coffee in frontof her. A sense this is a daily ritual, arming herself forthe day; immediately she becomes aware of a man behind herspeaking into the pay phone.An attractive YOUNG MAN, early 30's, a pair of suitcase athis feet, a raincoat slung over his shoulder.

YOUNG MAN ...Honey, you've got to go on... there's a time to sow and a time to reap, you sow now and forget about him... yeah, I liked him, I don't like him anymore... because you're my honey and anybody messes with you messes with me -- I'm on a plane in a minute... as soon as I get my phone in, you're my first call, that's a promise... where you going now?... good, hit the books, get that degree, one day we'll hang out a shingle together... you bet, honey... later.

The Young Man hangs up, turns around and sits down to anoverflowing plate of eggs and meat, potatoes and toast, thecounterman refills his cup and the Young Man ties into thebreakfast, eating it with such relish that Susan can't takeher eyes off him. He senses her eyes, glances over, hischeeks filled with a mouthful of food, swallows embarrassedly.

YOUNG MAN Good morning, I was talking kind of loud there, sorry.

SUSAN Not at all. It was fascinating.

YOUNG MAN Oh yeah? What was 'fascinating' about it?

SUSAN You and 'Honey'?

YOUNG MAN My kid sister. She just broke up with her boyfriend and she's thinking about dropping out of law school.

SUSAN I'm sorry --

YOUNG MAN Nothing to be sorry about. That's the way with men and women, isn't it?

SUSAN What's the way?

YOUNG MAN Nothing lasts.

SUSAN I agree --


SUSAN I was just being agreeable, now I've got to explain why?

YOUNG MAN I'm not trying to sharpshoot you, but that 'nothing lasts' stuff, that's what was the trouble with Honey's guy. He was fooling around and Honey caught him at it. One girlfriend wasn't enough for him.

SUSAN So you're a one-girl guy?

YOUNG MAN Damn right. Looking for her right now. Who knows? You might be her

Susan laughs.

YOUNG MAN (cont'd) Well, don't laugh. I just arrived in town, got a new job -- I'm trying to get into this apartment. You a doctor?

SUSAN How'd you know?

YOUNG MAN Everybody's a doctor around here. This apartment house is all green pajamas and slippers. The guy I'm waiting for to vacate is a doctor. What kind of doctor?

SUSAN Me? Internal medicine.

The Young Man smiles.

YOUNG MAN So if I needed a doctor, you could be it?

SUSAN I could be her.


A moment.

SUSAN Yes, I could. (a moment) I have an office in the hospital.

YOUNG MAN -- This is my lucky day. I arrive in this big bad city and I not only find a doctor, a beautiful woman as well.
Susan looks into her coffee.

YOUNG MAN (cont'd) I'm sorry, you mind my saying that?

SUSAN Not at all.

YOUNG MAN How 'bout another cup of coffee?

SUSAN I've got patients coming in --

YOUNG MAN And I want to get into my apartment and go to work-- but I'd still like that cup of coffee...

Two pots are warming behind the counter, he reaches over and refills her cup and his. Pushes a container and pitcher to-wards her.

YOUNG MAN (cont'd) I see you use lots of sugar and cream. Me, too...

They smile at each other, fix up their coffee.

The place has cleared out now, the counterman busy bussingtables laden with dishes and cups, Susan and the Young Manare still at the counter, but about to leave.

YOUNG MAN ...It's kind of a pro bono job.

SUSAN 'Pro bono'. That means doing good -- Going to be doing good all your life?

YOUNG MAN I know what you're saying. Doesn't pay very well. Depends on the woman I marry. Maybe she'd like a bigger house, a better car, lotsa kids, college doesn't come cheap --
SUSAN You'd give up what you want for the woman you marry?

YOUNG MAN I would.

Susan rises now, the Young Man with her, leaving money for their checks they head for the door.

YOUNG MAN (cont'd) If I married you-- an example--I'd want to give you what you wanted, I know it's old fashioned and all that, but what's wrong with taking care of a woman? She takes care of you.
SUSAN You'll have a hard time finding a woman like that these days --

YOUNG MAN You never know. Lightning could strike.Susan at the door now, pauses abruptly, her eyes on theYoung Man

The Young Man holds the door for Susan as they step outonto the street.Susan is staring at him now, he smiles, all open and vulnerable.

SUSAN I've got to go --

YOUNG MAN Did I say something wrong?

SUSAN No, it was so right it scares me.

YOUNG MAN I've been thinking... I don't want you to be my doctor. Because I don't want you to examine me.


YOUNG MAN Because I like you so much.

(a moment) You have coffee here every morning, don't you? If I came by, could you give me the name of a doctor?
Another moment.

SUSAN Sure, I'll give you the name of a doctor. (a moment) ...And I don't want to examine you.
YOUNG MAN Why not?

SUSAN Because I like you so much. Now I've got to go.

She hurries away down the sidewalk, the Young Man watching her. Now he turns and starts off in the opposite direction.

ANOTHER ANGLE - SUSAN: She looks back at the Young Man, then turns and walks on.

ANOTHER ANGLE - THE YOUNG MAN: He looks back at Susan as the distance between them widens,now he turns and walks on.
ON SUSAN: She looks around once more but the Young Man is still headed in the opposite direction, his back to her. She turns the corner and continues on... He's looking back at her and gets hit by a truck.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Just had my snow tires taken off, purchased a couple new tires (thanks for your help Jamin!), new fresh hair cut, the sun is finally shining-- even at 7pm still shining...

Spring is here!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Death Becomes Her

Lately I have been thinking about the men in my life. And I'm not talking men in an ooh-la-la kind of way... I was thinking about the men who have helped shape my life, come alongside me and encouraged me and challenged me and been my friend. I was thinking about who I would like to be my pallbearers.

So... if something happens say a freak accident (I am lefthanded ;), or I die tragically yet ever so sweetly in my sleep you can inform my parents that I've listed out who I would like as my pallbearers in the back of my red and white striped notebook with the lighthouse on it.

Author's note: I've always been a little morbid. There's a secret about me. I've definitely spent more time thinking about my funeral than any potential wedding.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I just had one of those encounters where you're out... say at the video store... and the guy that works there smiles and says hi to you in a way that it's like your old pals when you really haven't even been to your favourite video store in awhile because of the new vending-machine-type one down the road that rents really cheap... and you actually dont' recognize him but it's kinda nice being friends with him and then you pass by him again and you both smile knowingly (?) and then you go to the counter and banter together and you know you've never come across him before but you start thinking forget that vending-machine I like interacting with real human beings on a regular basis no matter what the cost... but what does that mean about banking? Hmmm...

Did I mention it's rainy season and I've been working from home all day inside?
Wind whistling, rain pouring on the outside.

Monday, April 16, 2007

I love this picture...

but it's soooo small. Thanksgiving 2005.We were doing the belly laugh thing:
Christa, Kelley, Kendra, Jocelyn

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

"my favourite animal is steak"

I saw this quote today and I think it's funny and I don't even like steak!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Palm Sunday

Somedays it's like a spiritual battle for me to go to church. I'm tired. It's early. I start to rationalize... e.g. I won't go to the main service, I'll just go to Sunday school because I have to go to Sunday school.

But it's always so worth it to get up and go!

And I had a lot of fun today at church.
From enjoying the praise and worship songs (the band all in rare form with suits and ties!) "You Never Let Go" and "My Savior My God" (my new favourite songs) to a heart warming send off video for one of the pastors to an impromptu A&W run inbetween services with some friends to my Sunday school kids and their antics. Then cake and chatter in the lobby with old and new friends.