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Monday, August 28, 2006

picture postcard

Driving home from Cape Breton was like one sweeping postcard in motion. Beautiful. I love Nova Scotia. I love camping in Cape Breton summer after summer. I even love the drive.

Alas, I knew coming back home to Halifax meant that summer was over for me...

Bring on the fall!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Fifth Bachelor

Okay, I like boys again and to celebrate being "back in the game" or liking boys again or whatever I've decided to announce... "The Fifth Bachelor". I couldn't resist using this picture of the bachelor with the ladies last summer! Here's to Cape Breton camping and wedding weekends (best wishes K&G!!).

You voted. Here he is...

"The Wild Card"
age: 26
passion: sports, the mounties, girls
edge: muscles, unconventional, fun

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Blueberry Fields Forever

I went blueberry picking for the first time ever on Saturday with Josh, Deb and family.

Top Five Things I Like About Blueberry Picking:

1. You can stand up while you pick.
2. You can eat blueberries while you pick.
3. It's in the Valley.
4. They sound a canon to keep the birds away! (I'd like to have a personal canon I can travel about with for such a cause)
5. I bought 7.8 lbs of blueberries for $14.00!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Pad Thai and Why I Hate Boys...

Two discoveries today:

1. I like Pad Thai-- previously I didn't. I'm known for not liking *any* Asian food. But I had some for dinner tonight at a friend's and man it was delicious!! It could just be that she's a fabulous cook...

2. I hate boys. I hate them. I hate what they say and what they don't say, what they email and what they don't email etc. Looking around the table tonight I saw dear girlfriends and thought of the boys that have caused such hurt and confusion and madness in their lives (not to mention my own) and announced that I hate boys. Most of them... at the moment anyway...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Let's Talk Buskers

Mary Catherine and I headed down to the waterfront Monday night for the Busker Festival. When I first heard of the buskers I thought it was like a whole lotta people set up with guitars, accordians, fiddles and such playing their wares-- but it's actually a lot more about street performance: dance, drum, comedy, acrobatics etc.

We saw:

White Rabbit: three guys from the Bronx drumming on a pail, dancing and doing tricks-- "the helicopter" rocked... but they lost points with me for vulgarity.

These Australian dudes with a didgeridoo and flaming numchucks: very mellow and mystical with cool fire tricks.

Alakazam: who I saw two years ago and remains quite the wonder. He fits his whole body through a squash racquet.

My favourites from the past have included "The Daredevil Chicken Club" whose opening act included spitting bananas back and forth at eachother while shouting "Danger! Danger!", which was hilarious, and the Halifax based drum team "Squid".

It's on til the 20th so let me know if there's other acts that are worth catching!!

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Wonderful getaway weekend to PEI.

Pics: Christa on a beach - in the distance is Confederation Bridge, path to ocean from Kendra's family cottage, jellyfish?

5 mosquito bites 4 girls 3 "science" students 2 bon hits 1 bonfire =
fabulous time!

Ask me about my "Out of Africa" shower!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

10 Years Younger!

Today I had my first official doctor's appointment in Halifax. I was excited because I've been wanting to get a doctor in Halifax for some time. I showed up in April they said come back in August.

She greets me in the waiting room and leads me to her exam room. We sit down together (I actually jump up on the exam table and she kindly motions to the chairs).

The great thing is she says to me: "So you're 17-18 years old?" And she says it so sweetly that it doesn't occur to me to be concerned-- clearly the open file in her hand would indicate otherwise.

I laugh and say "No, I'm 27". She tilts her head at me, smiles and says: "Are you sure you're 27?"

Oh, we had a good time today and there were all kinds of surprises for her! Before it was time to go she told me she's always available for me and again asked if I was "really 27"!!! She handed me some forms for blood work, asked what kind of Christian I was and smiled.
I think I'll be smiling all day.

Author's note: because it was my first doctor's appointment I made sure to dress "casually sharp" complete with make-up, earrings and a hair band. So I don't think I was dressing like I was in high school.

OOh Tozer

"Thinking is a kind of living. To think and be aware that we think is to be conscious; life without consciousness is but a shadow of life, having no meaning and being of no value to the individual. Our thoughts are the product of our thinking, and since these are of such vast importance to us it is imperative that we learn how to think rightly...

Feats of thinking may create reputation, but habits of thinking create character."

Thinking about this lately.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

36 Hours with Carleton

Wow. We worked it. I'm so thankful for a whole lotta rain this morning. And quiet. And my new "i tunes".

What we accomplished: Lower Deck, Donairs, Swiss Memorial picnic, Keith's tour, Waterfront by night and day, Citadel, downtown trek, Darryl's,

Peggy's Cove complete with gingerbread and icecream.

Not bad. And we had a whole lotta fun. Thanks for visiting Carleton and for bringing me my bag!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Tour Highlights

from the B.C. chapter...

1. Mayne Island with the ladies... worth the wait: walks in the woods, kayaking the sea, sunset point with Kirsten, reading, laughing and sharing secrets...
2. Training Days: catching the frisbee to score my team points, things in a box, lunch with Heather Anderson, remembering why.
3. 24hrs off: Too much laughter from the back seat. White Rock beach. Amazing Grace with Janette. Selene on the piano en francais.
4. Whistler: vision boost, great seminars, things in a box in the "super suite", Psalm 31 with Jill, hot tub after hours, Shirley Eu, making new friends and catching up with old ones.
5. Getting good time with God during it all... and just delighting in Him in song, in dance, in the Word, with words and smiles.